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Jon Mack
Founder & President-
Defending the Endangered


Jon Mack is an actress, musician, producer & humanitarian who's grown up loving & protecting animals her entire life. She's been involved as celebrity ambassador to several animal rescues & started "Defending the Endangered" in 2015. She works as an artist to bring global wildlife issues to light through her passion and respect for all living things. 

Chalyce Macoskey
Defending the Endangered


Chalyce is an IV-certified medical assistant, aromatherapist & holistic health coach. Her passion for making a difference in the animal world led her to join the DTE mission and help endangered animals across the globe.  

Christophe J. Poizat
Defending the Endangered


Christophe is a passionate entrepreneur, author and mentor with over 20 years of consulting experience. He is dedicated to helping & preserving animal life across the planet

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